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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 13, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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water. and i found a little bit and drank it. then i didn't find anymore. with a lot of painful effort, i climbed downstairs by using a stick to break through tiny spaces. i called for help, but no one heard me. i heard sounds, but no one heard me. >> incredible. >> an extraordinary child. doctors say she is making what they call a steady recovery. >> some good news. >> at last. >> i like that. that's it for us. thanks for watching "around the world." "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> see you tomorrow. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live. we begin with one eye squarely on a las vegas courtroom, that's because o.j. simpson has made an appearance back in court. want to take you live to that courtroom right now. the reason that simpson is there is he is asking for a brand new trial. he's challenging that 2008 conviction that he got for
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robbery, assault and kidnapping in vegas. and his grounds, the advice from his attorney he says was bad. you might remember it was his murder trial back in 1995 that kept millions of people riveted to their television screens. and then after more than a decade of golfing and hanging out in vegas and basically flaunting his refusal to acknowledge the judge in the civil trial from the goldman family, he then ends up on surveillance tape at a vegas hotel. this was the beginning of the end. he was back there to take what he says was his own memorabilia back. but that effort landed him in court again, which ended in a 33-year prison sentence. and the two trials were so different. one of them, an acquittal, and the other a conviction and a brand new set of clothing for o.j. simpson, one he would wear for the next four and a half years. a blue prison jumpsuit. we're going to get to the legal
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angle in just a moment, but first joining me on the phone is tom riccio who wrote a book about the simpson case. i have this here "busted." he was also the man who set up that memorabilia meeting, he secretly recorded the whole thing. it was huge evidence in this trial. o.j. simpson and his attorney -- o.j. simpson says that his attorney said all of this was okay. to go back and take what he thought was his own stuff. that is o.j. simpson's contention. tom, can you hear me? >> hi, ashleigh. how are you? >> it's good to talk to you again. so here we are again four and a half years later. you and i talking about this very case. you were in that room the day that all of this happened. and now o.j. simpson says his lawyer had told him beforehand that all of this was okay. did he ever tell you that? >> i heard about that. i wasn't there when his lawyer told him, if he in fact told him
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it was okay. but i never heard that as a defense that someone told me to do it. but, hey, you c't blame him for trying, right? >> but what about yale galanter and you? i know you had a relationship with him. did he ever suggest to you at any time that it was okay to go into that hotel room and get back what o.j. thought was his? >> i didn't have that kind of relationship with him. you know, it's kind of convoluted, but if there was somebody claiming to be his agent who was in that room, it was kind of a crazy guy. and yale told me that he wasn't his agent. that's about it. i really didn't know yale that much before the incident. and i wasn't there, you know, when if in fact he did tell him it was okay. but i can't imagine him telling him it would be okay to go up in my room with guns and everything else. even if someone did say it was okay, i can't imagine that was a defense. >> and what about the second prong of what mr. simpson is now alleging in this courtroom? we're looking at the pictures
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live as we're speaking to you, tom. he says that he wasn't told about any kind of plea deal. there were a lot of you this that room. there were a lot of you who were involved in the original takedown shakedown. what about the notion that there could have been a plea deal like others got. do you believe mr. simpson? >> again, i mean, i wasn't there when yale told him if in fact he did tell him about that. i can't imagine a lawyer, you know, getting an offer from a d.a. and not bringing it to his attorney. if in fact that did happen, i would think he has a beef, he has a case. >> and mr. riccio, you got immunity, you didn't have to go through any kind of prosecution. the others who were in that room were prosecuted, but there were deals that were made. and for the other person who got the most serious sentence alongside of mr. simpson, his trial was thrown out because it was ultimately deemed unfair that he be tried beside such a
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famous man. do you think that o.j. simpson in all the retrospect that you have in all of this got a raw deal? >> well, you know, i mean the deal i made with o.j. was he was crying to me on the phone telling me this is not memorabilia, these are personal momentos. he came up with the plan. it wasn't me to say, hey, we got a buyer, let's go up in the room, make sure the stuff is mine. we'll tell them it's mine. and, you know f they don't give it back to me, let them know we're giving it back or calling the police. he made it clear there wasn't going to be any violence, no rough housing, anything. they were either going to turn it over to him, or they were going to call -- and actually his plan worked. for the first minute the people were like apologizing to o.j. and pushing the stuff back and saying his agent gave it to them. and then all of a sudden o.j.'s goons pulled out the guns and turned it into an armed robbery. that's why, you know, he's in the situation that he's in now. whether he knew about these guys
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having guns or not, again, that's a whole other can of worms there. >> all right. tom riccio, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. it's hard to believe we're back together again on the air discussing o.j. simpson five years after the fact. but tom riccio joining us live as we watch live what's going on in vegas. i also want to bring in our cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin, who also i can't believe you and i are -- >> five years, how about almost 20? >> yes, well there's that as well and also the civil in the middle. let's talk about what this means. o.j. simpson since the get-go being sentenced this nine to 33-year sentence has been challenging all along with yale galanter, the attorney he's now accusing of being the problem. he's suggesting ineffective assistance of his council. yale galanter has fought for him, has fought many parts of this process. is this what we call the typical
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hail mary, your last-ditch attempt? >> this is usually a last-ditch attempt of a client who is run out of all legal options, just basically to turn on the lawyer and say that the lawyer did a bad job. yale galanter as you pointed out represented him at trial, represented him on appeal, the nevada supreme court affirmed his conviction in 2010. this is really all he has left, turning on galanter. but courts are very, very reluctant to overturn convictions on the basis of ineffective assistance. and everything i know about this case so far, and, again, we will learn more in the course of this hearing, but everything i know so far suggests that he will not get this conviction overturned. >> and let's talk about what it requires. it's that man's word, it's o.j. simpson's word right now on two prongs. number one, he claims that his attorney told him it was okay to go up and raid that hotel room before the crime was actually committed. and then number two, he says his
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attorney never informed him of any plea offers that came from the prosecution. you have to provide some kind of evidence other than just your word, don't you? >> correct. both of those claims seem so self-evidently per postrous, one, that yale galanter, a respected attorney would say, oh, with guns, go ahead and take that property back. second, the idea that yale galanter would not mention plea negotiations to his client, just why would he do such a thing? why was that in his interest? again, it seems like it doesn't make any sense. but as the evidence comes out in this hearing, let's say -- let's see if o.j. can make that case. even if he can make those cases, it's not entirely clear he'd get his conviction overturned either. the standard is very difficult. the supreme court says it's not
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that an attorney could have done a better job. that's not ineffective assistance of council. basically like you had no lawyer. >> the technical important part. >> that there was no assistance of council at all. and that's going to be a very difficult standard to make. >> for a great failing as i've seen in other cases a terrible failing or miscalculation of the law. >> right. but that is equivalent to having no lawyer at all. that's basically sandra day o'connor wrote a famous opinion saying that's what ineffective assistance of council. >> don't go too far. we may be having a conversation in a couple of years. >> i suspect we will. >> we'll talk more about it this week. this hearing will go on throughout the week. there's going to be testimony possibly from wup or two of his attorneys. we're waiting to see if that's going to happen. and the other possibility, testimony from o.j. simpson himself, might he actually take the stand? he didn't in the criminal trial.
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might he take the stand now? we're going to keep following that. in a moment also coming up we want to show you some cell phone video, really quite dramatic from the day three women were rescued from a house of horrors in cleveland. the house where ariel castro allegedly held these three young women, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight, for approximately a decade. switch your car insurance to geico and we could help you save on boat and motorcycle insurance too. other insurance companies are green with envy. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings. ya know...lose that green with envy bit. rubbish. it's just a reference about my complexion. writer: but the focus groups thought that the... gecko: focus groups. geico doesn't use focus groups. uhh...excuse me. no one told me we were using focus groups. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain.
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we are getting a brand new look at the chaos that ensued in the moments around the rescue of those three women in cleveland one week ago today. take a look at your screen. two young women who thought they were being pulled over by the police wound up witnessing this. in fact, they just happened to be driving on seymour avenue in cleveland last week when officers started to storm the house that the suspected kidnapper ariel castro. this is their cell phone video taken as the first police arrived at the house where amanda berry, her daughter as well as gina dejesus and michelle knight were all kept for the last decade. just remarkable that they caught that very moment. i want to bring in my legal
10:14 am
team, joining me in new york is cnn's legal analyst jeffrey toobin. and in philadelphia we have defense attorney danny cevallos. we are going to have a remarkable interview of the two brothers, pedro and onil castro, coming up in the program. but police made a statement about their innocence before they even arraigned ariel castro. jeff toobin, something just seemed so very wrong about presenting these three people all together, photographing them and releasing their mugshots to the public and arresting them all at the same timen all of a sudden realizing perhaps they made a mistake. did they make a bigger mistake than they think? >> well, i just don't understand why the cleveland police felt obligated to issue a definitive statement so soon in the process. perhaps it is true that these two brothers were innocent in this whole thing and victims in a different way, but there is no reason for the cleveland police to make such a categorical
10:15 am
statement so early in the investigation before any physical evidence had been analyzed before the three victims had been fully debriefed. it just seemed to me absurdly premature for the police to do that. and it is just one of many questions about the performance of the cleveland police over the past ten years. >> let me play devil's advocate. you bring in these three guys. and then ultimately as you just mentioned there was a debrief, there was an instantaneous debrief of one or more of these victims. if they said they knew nothing of these two men, wouldn't it be in the interest of the two men including the castro brothers to clear them as soon as possible? >> no. this is too big a crime and too complicated a crime to make that sort of categorical statement at this point. i'm not saying they should be arrested. i'm not saying they should ever be arrested. but there is never a problem with being somewhat cautious and
10:16 am
saying the investigation is continuing and we have not resolved this question yet. they don't know what further evidence is going to come out at this point. they don't know what the three victims are going to say. there is no reason to issue such a categorical exoneration. >> these men said their lives have been completely upended by their brother who they say they truly didn't even know at all. they say they have had their lives threatened, their homes have been robbed and they haven't been able to return to those homes because of the backlash they have suffered as just being related to him and then having people connecting them to the crime because of the photographs. do they have any recourse if in fact they have nothing to do with this? >> you know, it's a good thing that you raise this issue because this case opens a dialogue about a big problem in america. and that's arrest first, ask questions later. and in this case this is a perfect example. these men not only were
10:17 am
arrested, but they made it to a first court appearance where they were photographed. and that went out to the world. and people need to be aware of the collateral consequences of merely an arrest. the reality is in most cases -- well, in all cases constitutionally the police need probable cause to arrest. practically, anyone in a high crime urban area will tell you that a car stop where one is arrested just out of safety they're going to arrest everybody else in the car. and that one arrest gets transferred to many databases. so for even a regular civilian whether the case is big or whether the case is small, a single arrest has a butterfly effect beyond the simple criminal process. now, both state law and federal law provides remedies to those wrongfully arrested, but as long as the police articulate some kind of probable cause, even if it's later to be proven wrong if they supposedly acted in good faith, then those cases are very difficult to win. it's very important this case
10:18 am
highlights a not only some of the main issues, but some of these side issues relating to people who are arrested without probable cause. the worst case is that his brother was in the car with him. there was no evidence other than him being his brother and being with him. but that's the reality in america is that if you're in the same car, you're getting locked up. >> i'm going to play devil's advocate again only on the side of police at this point, we don't know that yet, we don't know what it was that gave them any kind of cause to bring the other two men in. and i suppose in the coming days and months we will probably learn more about that. both of you, thank you for your insight. i don't think it's the last we're going to have this conversation. i want to just turn for a moment if i can to another very prominent case, the trial of a controversial abortion doctor in philadelphia. he is charged with killing a patient and then killing four babies allegedly born alive. he is charged with hundreds more things as well. and today a jury who has been working so hard has found themselves at a dead end over
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lyric from phonak. lyric can. couple more high profile cases that we're following. and we want to update you on. the first one i want to take you out west to colorado. it is the movie theater massacre case. the judge in that case says he is going to allow that man, the suspect in the case, james holmes, to change his plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity. the judge does say that he's got to do a few other things, rule on a number of other legal issues in the case before officially accepting that plea that could come possibly later this month. you may remember that holmes is accused of killing 12 people and then injuring 58 others after allegedly opening fire at the premi premiere of the batman movie "the dark knight rises." that was last july. stay with us for more on that case. and now, whiplash today, a major
10:23 am
case under deliberation right now. the abortion doctor and the trial in philadelphia, talking about dr. kermit gosnell. the jurors in that case told the judge just this morning that they are hung. they are only hung on two counts on this case and they are considering hundreds. so the judge told them to go back, work harder, try harder, get a verdict. this is not unusual. this happens all the time. there are a total of 19 charges at this point in this case that they're looking at. 263 counts in total that this doctor is facing. gosnell's accused of killing four babies who were allegedly born in botched late-term abortions. and then he's also charged in the death of a woman who authorities say died during a second trimester abortion and some of the aftercare. sunny hostin is covering the case for us and she's live with us now from philadelphia. i don't even know where to begin. is it possible, sunny, to even
10:24 am
know which of the hundreds of questions that these jurors have to deal with that they may be hung up on? >> we don't know. we have no idea which two counts they're hung on. we don't even know which defendant they're hung on, ashleigh, because dr. gosnell also has a co-defendant, dr. o neil, that he has been tried with. we're not sure. but i can tell you that the courtroom is a very different courtroom today. you know, i've been here about two weeks. this is my third week. it's the jury's tenth day of deliberation. it's a very, very tense courtroom today. the defense attorney who's normally very, very jovial is very serious today. the prosecutors are very serious today. and the courtroom is very crowded. we are getting the sense that the jury is very close because as you mentioned they're only hung on two counts, there are 263 counts in this case. so they've been working very, very hard on this case. but we do think that perhaps that they're pretty close. >> i think this is over a week now at the last time we began
10:25 am
our conversations daily on this, sunny. if you could clear this up for our viewers because when anybody hears hung jury, it just sends a chill given that the issues that that causes for possible retrial or not for those who believe he may be guilty or not. so if they have found that he is -- or at least they can't agree on say two of these charges or counts, can he still move ahead with say some of the more serious if those aren't the ones they're hung on? can the trial still continue? >> sure, it can still continue. it could reach a verdict that is sort of a partial verdict. so perhaps they have a verdict on 261 counts and they don't have the verdict on the two counts. i think what everyone is really concerned about here is which counts will he -- if he's convicted, which counts will those be? because we know he's facing four first-degree murder counts. and those are the capital offenses in this case. but for those very same charges,
10:26 am
ashleigh, for the four murder counts, the jury can go two ways. they can go first-degree murder or they can go third-degree murder, which would take this out of death penalty land and into perhaps life in prison. but i believe that is what everyone here at the courthouse is sort of talking about, where is this jury on the capital offenses? and i've got to tell you, this is the only day that we haven't seen as much activity on the streets. a lot of people are inside. everyone is talking about this case here in philadelphia. pro-life people have been protesting for days and days and days. so this city is certainly ready for a verdict. >> i remember a case with jason williams where there was some hung issues within the case and it proceeded, very different from that particular case, but sunny please keep an eye on this for us. let us know if that dynamite works, that's usually what they call it, the dynamite charge of going back in and working harder at finding resolution. >> it's a spencer charge here. >> spencer. okay. they do give it official names in some other jurisdictions, but
10:27 am
everybody kind of always knows it's that dynamite, go. thank you, sunny hostin reporting for us live. as we continue in this program, he is charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. and this is unlike any other kind of case because we're now talking about ariel castro, the man accused of holding three women hostage in his house, torturing them, raping them for over a decade. when he was arrested a week ago, those two other men, his brothers, were also treated like suspects right alongside him. the only thing is, investigators now say they were not involved. you're going to hear their side of the story in our cnn exclusive report. they sit down with our martin savidge and tell us what they now feel about their brother. (announcer) born with a natural energy cycle... cats. they were born to play. to eat. then rest. to fuel the metabolic cycle they were born to have,
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. we are getting a brand new look today at how those brave young women and one little girl escaped from captivity after ten years of alleged abuse and torture in a cleveland house. this is new cell phone video that we have. you can see the police standing outside the house where investigators say ariel castro kept the women for all those years. you can see officers saving -- rushing in to save them. it's just remarkable that this happened to be caught by some women who were driving down the street at the time and thought all the police activity was because they were being pulled over. instead, they started rolling cell phone video.
10:31 am
all of this as the fbi has been sealing up and boarding off not only ariel castro's home, but surrounding homes. the houses surrounding his home. they've already checked those houses for evidence. they've even had cadaver dogs going through that area. castro's home is without question a crime scene. it is considered a crime scene and some in the community now say it should be torn down and replaced with a memorial. and now a crisis management team has stepped in to represent the victims in this case pro bono, at no charge. they're sharing messages from the young women, they're thanking people for their support and prayers and letting everybody know through these attorneys that they are indeed now safe. remarkable. we have a cnn exclusive interview to share with you today. pedro and onil castro, they're the brothers of the cleveland kidnap suspect ariel castro. they were arrested last week shortly after those three young women and the child were rescued
10:32 am
from their captivity ordeal, but then police released pedro and onil castro saying neither man had anything to do with the alleged abductions and torture and house of horrors. they sat down with our martin savidge to talk about their brother and what they think about this entire ordeal. >> what is your brother to you now? >> monster, hateful, i hope he rots in that jail. i don't even want them to take his life like that. i want him to suffer in that jail. to the last extent. i don't care even freedom, what he has done to my life and my family's. >> i feel the same way. >> to the both of you now he no longer exists. >> right. >> he is gone. >> he's goner. >> almost as if he were dead. >> the monster's a goner. i'm glad that the -- he left the door unlocked or whatever he did, whether he did it on
10:33 am
purpose, maybe he wanted to get caught, maybe time was up, maybe he was inside too much, he wanted to get caught. but if he did it that way, he shouldn't have went to momma's house and picked me up and put me in the car if he knew that was going to happen. >> if you could talk to gina, if you could talk to michelle, if you could talk to amanda, and in a way you are i guess, what would you say? >> i would tell her -- i would tell them that i'm sorry that you had to go through this. that i always thinking about these girls being missing. i'm just grateful that they're home and, you know, out of that horrible house. i just tell them that i'm sorry for what ariel done. not much is -- felix, i know him
10:34 am
for a long time. and when i find out that ariel had gina, i just -- i just broke -- i just broke down cause it's shocking. ariel, we know this guy for a long time. felix. >> this is gina's father. >> yeah. felix dejesus. and you got his daughter? and you go around like if nothing? you even went to the vigils. you had posters. you give his momma a hug. and you got his daughter captive? >> onil, the same thing? >> same thing. i just want also the families to get justice to the fullest
10:35 am
extent. and i don't want ever, ever to see anything like that happen to anybody in this world. this has tore my heart apart. this has killed me. i am a walking corpse right now. >> martin savidge joins us live now from cleveland. martin, it's just a remarkable interview that you secured with these two brothers. i'm curious as bits and pieces of this interview are being aired all day on cnn, there are times when those brothers are extremely upset for what they have gone through. did you feel they were equally as outraged and devastated over what the girls went through? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. that was the main reason they wanted to talk. that was the first thing they wanted to talk about was the fact that they were relieved that they were now free, that they were out and that they wanted to make sure people knew they had nothing to do with it. but, yes, it was the girls always first and foremost on their minds explaining they were totally innocent, that was second in the message they wanted to make. there's no anger there. not anger against the police or
10:36 am
against anybody else. if there is anger, it's against their brother, the betrayal they feel on the part of the family. and also i think there is that sense that they missed something. they should have seen something. but like so many in the neighborhood, they didn't see it. >> i can't imagine what they are living through at this time either. martin savidge, excellent work in cleveland. just an excellent interview. and we're going to be playing a whole lot more of that throughout the day, marty, thank you. another major story as well, an arrest, and not the kind you would have expected in the stabbing death of that little girl leila fowler. it is her brother they now have under arrest, her 12-year-old brother. and the possible punishment he could face, you may not believe someone that young could get that kind of punishment. back after this. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time.
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a shocking arrest has ended a massive manhunt in northern california. for the last two weeks now police have been searching for a mystery intruder who they believed had killed an 8-year-old girl named leila fowler. our dan simon has more on the bo bombshell that rocked that community. >> in the days after her killing, an emotional candle light vigil to remember 8-year-old leila fowler, known
10:40 am
for her bubbly personality. >> leila was beautiful and strong. she was kind. i remembered that leila liked purple. >> leila's family among the mourners, her 12-year-old brother, the one who told police that an intruder stabbed his sister while they were home alone. and their parents were at a little league baseball game. a story authorities now say was a lie. >> at 5:10 p.m. detectives arrested leila's 12-year-old brother at the valley springs substation and on charges of homicide. >> that was dan simon reporting for us. and charges of homicide for leila fowler's brother, 12 years old. this would be probably one of the cases that would show the youngest-ever tried for murder if it actually gets that far. there have been others, yes, very young. but, again, 12. and as of right now police are keeping the details of this entire investigation pretty darn close to their vest, but we have learned -- in fact we have just
10:41 am
learned that that boy apparently was suspended from school earlier on this year, got a five-day suspension we are told apparently for bringing a pocket knife, a small pocket knife to school. and by the way, one of the details that police have not revealed is what kind of knife was used in the murder of leila fowler, but they have been looking at some of the knives inside the fowler hope. danny cevallos is a criminal defense attorney who joins me live from philadelphia. danny, this is an arrest that happened on saturday, but the details and the arraignment are somewhat delayed. given the fact that we're dealing with a 12-year-old, is that any surprise to you? >> not at all. when it comes to the juvenile system, the minor's identity is closely safeguarded. these hearings, these proceedings and the information are often not publicly available information. many lawyers can't even find that stuff online, we have to go downtown to the courthouse and physically look at an old fashioned file because the idea
10:42 am
is we protect the juvenile's identity. the other thing to remember too, in california, minors can be charged as adults, but really not unless they're 14 and above. so it's very interesting procedurally how the prosecution is going to go forward with the homicide charges, whether he'll stay in juvenile court or somehow get transferred to adult court, which under california law doesn't seem possible. >> so just run me through the technicalities of it. because every jurisdiction is different. and i'm failing in my memory of california. is it automatic if you're 14 and the charges are this aggravating? or is it when you are 12 and younger impossible? technically could he be advanced to adult court at 12 years old? >> minors 14 and above, there's a system called direct filing. and that puts almost all the authority to charge as an adult in the prosecutor, not the court. now, the juvenile can have a hearing to see if he can get himself out of adult court, which you never want to be in as a juvenile. you want to get back to juvenile
10:43 am
court because the goal in juvenile court is treatment, rehabilitation and supervision, not incarceration. you also want to get out of adult court. hover, it appears to me pretty clear in california no one above 14 may be charged as an adult. that doesn't mean he won't be charged ask tried in the juvenile system, which has judges and a court and all the same rules of evidence for the most part. >> and just ten seconds left, but if he does get elevated to adult court, one of the most serious sentences you could face is life, no parole. i know the supreme court has weighed-in on that, but they haven't abolished it. >> no. it has not yet been abolished. and of course the state sentencing rules if he is -- if he were to be tried as an adult, which again i don't believe he can be tried as an adult, however the state sentencing will govern there. >> all right. well, we'll watch to see that. it's disturbing on every angle. danny cevallos, thank you for your insight on that. we appreciate it. it is monday. and that means that the boston
10:44 am
bombing is now four weeks ago today. coming up, the very latest on that investigation. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] when people talk, great things happen.
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four weeks ago today there were two bombs that went off and changed people's lives forever at the boston marathon. i was in boston to cover that terrible terrorist attack. three people were killed in that attack, two lovely young women and a little boy, all of them
10:47 am
spectators at the event who lost their lives that day. we also want to remember the officer who was gunned down by the alleged suspects in this crime. today, two brothers also victims of this crime each who had a leg amputated after the bombings spoke out about what they have been through. here's what one of them had to say. >> had a couple bad days, but with all the support and, like, you know, our family's here constantly. it's all good. i'm ready to move on. i feel great. i feel like myself, it's just a different normal, you know? but it's exciting to know i'm going home real soon. >> wow. going home real soon. all of this as there are still questions about whether law enforcement could have done something to stop the bombers before they acted. and now a law enforcement official tells cnn that russia withheld key details about tamerlan tsarnaev back in 2011 when russia first told the
10:48 am
united states about his possible extremism. details that the source says could have altered the course that authorities followed. the source also says that russia didn't tell the united states about some text messages from tsarnaev to his mother, expressing his desire to join a militant movement. in the meantime tamerlan tsarnaev was finally buried last week after a month of people refusing to take his body. and his brother is still in prison awaiting a trial for all of these allegations. ] at jcpenney, we never stop being amazed by you. how you work so hard without looking like you do. how you make every dollar stretch so far and keep your family so close. so we brought back the things you liked about jcpenney. gave you new things to explore. and now, we're happy to say, you've come back to us. ♪ we're speechless. except for two little words.
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10:52 am
christine romans knows a lot more than i do. here she is. >> rrd highs for the stock market but investors are wary. >> they understand that this has an element of art fishialty. >> if that's what the pros are saying, manage how angst investors must feel. what about the half f almost all americans who are just too scared to invest in stocks. americans have few other choice out there to help build wealth and safe retirement. the returns on bonds an interest bearing accounts are negligible. >> a lot of individual investors are on the sidelines. what are you waiting for. >> they're afade they've seen a bull market that's already been -- one answer, look for value in companies that may be
10:53 am
lagging behind in the recent bull market run. >> the way we've seen some of the industrial names lag really to me is a buying opportunity. i think we will have economic growth and these more sensitive companies have plenty of opportunity to get stronger and the stocks to move higher. it's perfectly good to be happy and take a little profits off the table. >> christine romans, cnn, las vegas. with your bleacher report update, that guy in red looking more an more like tiger woods of 13 years ago. in sergio garcia didn't think he was the nicest ghie heading into the the game, he's rethinking it now. did he win it or did garcia hand it to him. anyone thirsty for a drink. when a hole is a par 3 and you
10:54 am
pencil in a 7, that's not very good. he went from tied to the lead to eighth leaving the door i'd open for woods. and lindsey vonn's man went old school were wince 78 full shy of the al time record. reserve your seat on the couch for father's day. it's going to be an exciting one at the u.s. open. if you had a bad weekend it probably wasn't as bad as this guy. it comes in as number four on bleacher line up. tie tus young was arrested on friday marking the third time he found himself in handcuffs in the past week. young allegedly broke into a home, tried to outrun the cops, then got into an altercation of the police. this comes on the heels of suspicion of driving under the
10:55 am
influence and trying to take his car out of the tow yard. >> richard branson had to get all decked out and serve the owner of air say sha after the two bet on who's formula one racing team would have the better season. he also said he's probably suited better for his regular gig. during the eight-hour flight branson accidentally dropped a tray of drinks in the lap of tony per fernandez. don't quit your day job, mr. branson. i'm jared greenberg. this bleacher report update brought to you by volvo. designed around real people, designed around you.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
this has been a very busy hour but an update for you on the arias case in phoenix. we're learning about some of the meetings last week. the jury had a question for the judge an hour before they had a verdict. the secret ex parte meetings last week, nobody was awear of the one-sided meeting. apparently the ms. arias's council asked the judge for a motion to get the death penalty off the meeting. that turned to jodi herself and then also there were meetings with the prosecution as well. so not so ex parte after all. but we do know one thing, on wednesday it all gets back underway. that's the sentencing phase in which may have to decide first if there was a cruelty involved in the murt before they move on to the next part.
11:00 am
i'm going to be in phoenix live for you. that's it for me today. >> he was perhaps the most famous defendant on the plant et and now after years behind bars o.j. simpson is in court asking for his freedom. i'm brook baldwin, the news is now. >> monster, hateful, i hope he rots in that jail. >> a cnn exclusive, the brothers of an alleged kidnapper and rainest get candid. a teen athlete found dead inside a gym mat. his parents are demanding answers. >> kid you believe that? >> no. >> and you still don't believe it? >> no, i don't. >> plus legend saying good buy. what happens now to the view. >> and live during the
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